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–– Advanced Linear Algebra (Draft) ––

This is a draft of a textbook on advanced linear algebra, meaning it assumes some knowledge of vector spaces and linear maps. It is based on the second part of an introductory course given at a German university, and I am currently busy translating it into English. The idea is to adapt the textbook to fit the Australian curriculum, which requires reorganising the text somewhat, as an introductory section on algebraic structures such as groups and rings needs to be included. You can download the current draft here.

–– Chapter Overview (preliminary) ––

I Polynomials and Endomorphisms

Divisibility in Rings

The Jordan Canonical Form

II Applications: Codes and Ciphers


III Geometry in Vector Spaces

Vector Spaces with Inner Product


The Geometry of Complex Numbers

Trigonometric Functions

–– Change Log ––

–– To Do ––